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Convenient After Hours Telehealth

When you need non-emergency medical care after typical clinic hours, Private Medical provides easy access to qualified Australian doctors online. All you need to do is book your after hours doctor appointment online through our user-friendly telehealth platform or call us on 135 001 to book an appointment over the phone.

No more rushing to make the last appointment or stressing about finding an after hours GP near you. Our online video consultations allow you to see a doctor from the comfort of your home, office, or any location across Australia where you have an internet connection.

Our After Hours Telehealth Service Suits A Variety of Needs, Including:

For Regional and Rural Patients

Living in remote or rural communities often means long distances to access healthcare. Our online after hours doctors eliminate tedious travel and bring quality medical care virtually to your door.

Busy Families or Professionals

Coordinating a family or getting through a busy work schedule can be overwhelming. Having the option to schedule an after hours doctor appointment online at a time that suits you can save the stress or lost time of travelling for an in-person GP appointment.

For FIFO Workers and Busy Professionals

With irregular schedules, long shifts and hectic lifestyles, finding time for a doctor's visit during standard hours can feel near impossible. Our after hours telehealth option allows you to quickly see a GP whenever you need care.

For Single Parents and Carers

As a single parent or caregiver, even minor medical issues create huge disruptions in your day. Our after hours doctors streamline the process for advice, scripts, referrals and more without leaving your responsibilities.

For Anyone Without Reliable Transportation

For those without a personal vehicle or access to adequate public transport, our remote doctors ensure you do not have to miss out on care due to transportation barriers.

Services Offered By Private Medical Online Doctors

No matter your circumstances, Private Medical provides on-demand access to our team of highly qualified Australian online GPs for a wide array of services outside regular operating hours. 

Our after hours GPs can provide services such as:

  • Video consultations for non-emergency diagnosis and basic treatment.
  • Prescribing medications or renewing existing prescriptions.
  • Referring you to specialists, pathologists or other medical practitioners.
  • Issuing medical certificates for work, school or other purposes.
  • Answering general health questions and providing professional advice.

Refer you to emergency services when urgent care is required.

Instead of delaying appointments, which could compromise your health, telehealth doctors provide an easy, professional solution. With Private Medical, you can connect with an after hours doctor through a simple video call at your convenience. It is modern healthcare delivered on your schedule with a high-quality patient experience.

Book your after hours GP telehealth appointment online today through our secure platform. Have your medical needs promptly attended to by a licensed Australian doctor without leaving your home.

Book your after hours doctor appointment online now or by calling us on 135 001