Schedule Of Telehealth Doctor Fees

What a telehealth consultation provides

After registering with Private Medical and making a booking, you will be sent a text with a link for the telehealth video conference call. It will be active once you have made a payment and appointment is confirmed. You will have provided a completed health information form beforehand, so the doctor is aware of the reason for the call and your health background.

During the call you talk face to face with the clinician, as you would in a consulting room. Advice, treatment, and management options are discussed, tests may be ordered, and prescriptions and medical certificates written. At the conclusion of your consultation a summary is provided for your records. A follow up appointment may be arranged, or if required referral may be made to another practitioner. Consultations are typically 20 minutes, and these can be extended for further 20-minute periods if required.

Appointment is booked and any telehealth doctor appointment fees are processed with a credit or debit card payment. Appointments can be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice, or a cancellation fee applies (see our Cancellation Policy). A full receipt for our services is provided at the conclusion of each consultation

Private Medical's services to you are kept strictly private. However, should you wish to access Australian Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme rebates on referrals and prescriptions then you  will need to supply your Australian Medicare Number.  When you make a rebate claim Medicare keeps records of these transactions under your Medicare account.

There may be specific instances where you could claim a Medicare or other rebate for our services, but as these instances are defined by Government and change from time to time, your eligibility for this will be determined at the time of booking. Your private health insurance provider may also provide rebate through Extras cover. A receipt will be provided after each consultation that you can use, if required, to make claims.

If you have any questions about telehealth appointment fees or costs, then simply contact us today.

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