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Your online doctor consultations are provided by experienced and qualified emergency doctors and general practitioners, where the doctor patient relationship is paramount. Our online doctor's appointments can be kept completely separate from government, insurance and other health providers to ensure complete privacy.

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Personalised Concern for your health and wellbeing

Private Medical's Ethos

A Mission to Provide the Best Possible Care

We put the individual person at the very centre of what we do. Privacy and confidentiality are the foundation stones of our service, on which we build trusted relationships through effective communication. We strive to deliver the highest levels of online services that can be expected of medical professionals.

Experience and Professionalism

With years of experience, our medical professionals will provide you with private, personalised and professional medical services and health advice. They will create a personal treatment and recovery plan that's right for you. Our clinicians are highly qualified and experienced in delivering on-line care through telehealth technologies.

Personal and Holistic Care

Not only will our doctors advise on and help treat your existing conditions, they will also work to maximize your health through preventive health strategies. We will strive to improve your quality of life and achieve your wellness goals, whilst providing responsive acute care whenever it it needed.

Our Schedule of Fees

Public Holiday Rates

Christmas, Boxing, New Years, Easter, Anzac Day (and gazetted days in lieu) the following holiday rates apply:

  • $95 for 15 mins Consultation
  • $175 for 30 mins Consultation
  • $175 for 30 mins (Mental Health Consultation)
  • $125 for Antiviral Consultation

Telehealth Consultations Australia-wide

What a Telehealth Consultation Provides

After registering with Private Medical and securing your appointment slot, you will need to provide your telehealth appointment payment prior to your consultation. After booking your consultation time, you will be sent a link via email and SMS to our payment gateway.

Prior to your online doctors appointment, you will have provided a completed health information form beforehand, so the doctor is aware of the reason for your telehealth appointment and your health background.

Payment for Your Telehealth Appointment

Your online telehealth appointment can be paid with a credit or debit card payment.

Telehealth appointments can be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice, or a cancellation fee applies (see our Cancellation Policy).

Face to Face Telehealth Appointment with a Doctor / GP

During your call you talk face to face on video with the doctor / GP, as you would in a consulting room. Advice, treatment, and management options are discussed, tests may be ordered, and prescriptions and medical certificates written.

A follow up appointment may be arranged, or if required a referral may be made to another practitioner. Telehealth online doctors consultations are typically 15 minutes, and these can be extended for further 30-minute periods if required.

Private Medical's services to you are kept strictly private. However, should you wish to access Australian Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme rebates on referrals and prescriptions then you will need to supply your Australian Medicare Number. When you make a rebate claim Medicare keeps records of these transactions under your Medicare account.

There may be specific instances where you could claim a Medicare or other rebate for our services, but as these instances are defined by the Government and change from time to time, your eligibility for this will be determined at the time of booking. Your private health insurance provider may also provide rebate through Extras cover. A receipt will be provided after each telehealth consultation that you can use, if required, to make claim.

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PM Health Hub

May 30, 2023

5 Reasons Why Online Medical Appointments Are Here to Stay

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual telehealth appointments became widely used to help patients access healthcare while patients remained socially isolated. Many people were introduced to the convenience and efficiency of telehealth GP services and were in no rush to turn back. Online doctor appointments facilitate a new, accessible form of healthcare that resonates with the modern way of the world. While it can not treat all medical conditions,we predict that online GP services are here to stay - here are five reasons why.

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May 15, 2023

Managing Chronic Illness Appointments with Telehealth

Telehealth is a way to access flexible chronic care appointments from your home, helping alleviate some of the hardships you may face. We can support you with treatment, check-ups, and personalised strategies to minimise the impact that chronic conditions impacton your day-to-day life.Use this article to learn more about telehealth appointments and how they can help manage your chronic illness.

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April 26, 2023

How to Manage Your Health and Wellness with Telehealth

Health and wellness contribute to a high quality of life, but maintaining them can be challenging, especially if you already have a lot on your plate.With our simple and efficient telehealth appointments, you can access medical, health, and wellness care when and whereit suits you best.Whether you’re seeking nutritional adviceor a diagnosis for your symptoms, take control of your welfare with the supportof our General Health and Wellness checkups.

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April 26, 2023

Patient's Guide to Private Medical Telehealth Services

Private Medical is an online, private healthcare provider that uses telehealth services to communicate, diagnose and treat patients across Australia. To get the most out of your telehealth consultation, we recommend all patients read through this guide before makingor joining their appointment. Doing so will mean you get the most out of your consultation.Use this article to guide you through the process, and feel free to refer back to it as and when needed.

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April 8, 2023

How Much Does a GP Telehealth Consult Cost?

In the digital era, telehealth is fast becoming the most convenient way to obtain medical consultations. As a result, more people can access quality healthcare services without physically travelling to a medical facility. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about the cost of your telehealth consultation with one of our experienced Private Medical general practitioners.

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