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If you need an after hours doctor appointment in Queensland or would like t ospeak with a telehealth doctor, then contact us now. We have telehealth GP's available for you anywhere in Queensland that a specialists in online service.

Without a doubt, Queensland is the fastest-growing state in Australia, welcoming 104,410 extra residents between 2021 - 2022, more than doubling last year's figure. Finding a doctor to visit can be challenging. So many are booked out.

Discover how telehealth can contribute to meeting the increasing healthcare needs of Queensland residents, including FIFO workers and rural residents.

A Snapshot of Healthcare Services in Queensland

While most Queenslanders live in large urban centres like Brisbane, most of the state is still considered rural to very remote.

Patients receive medical care in these areas through district, rural, and community hospitals, healthcare centres and multi-purpose health services. Telehealth doctors in Queensland are now also becoming a lot more popular.

Australia is currently dealing with a shortage of doctors. This affects rural areas even more than cities. Many clinics in these regions often face closure. That can make it even more challenging for patients to secure doctor appointments and access necessary healthcare services.

Telehealth doctors in Queensland can alleviate these hardships by connecting patients with online doctors regardless of location.


What Are Telehealth Doctor Appointments?

Telehealth uses online technology to provide healthcare remotely without the need for face-to-face visits.

Patients can simply book a telehealth appointment online and meet with an online doctor via video, all from the comfort of their homes or any Australia-wide location.

Note that devices must have the following:

  • internet connection
  • A camera such as on a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a webcam
  • Headphones or speakers
  • A microphone

These features will ensure you can communicate clearly and efficiently with your online doctor.

Online Doctor QLD Services Available Through Private Medical Telehealth

Although telehealth has its limitations, it can still meet various medical needs, include the following:

  • A diagnosis and management of symptoms - available for individuals of all ages.
  • Online prescriptions
  • Online medical certificates
  • Online family GP services
  • Serving as your online family GP
  • Referrals to other practitioners or medical specialists
  • For those that need an after hours doctor in Queensland

Benefits of Telehealth for QLD Residents

Queensland is an excellent example of how telehealth can be effectively applied to help the healthcare demands in a particular region. It helps those in regional and urban areas improve access to GP services and provides an option for after hours doctor appointments too.

Reduce Strain on In-Person Appointments:

As mentioned, Queensland’s ever-growing population makes strains on the healthcare system even more difficult.

In this context, telehealth can serve as a valuable tool to supplement face-to-face appointments and alleviate the pressure on vital healthcare resources.

Telehealth can also play a vital role in providing preventative and long-term care.  

Making early interventions through online technologies can prevent the escalation of certain medical conditions, helping lessen the number of patients seeking care in doctors' offices or emergency rooms.  


Increased Healthcare Accessibility:

Telehealth enables Australians to connect with healthcare professionals remotely, eliminating the need for long-distance travel.

This benefits those who find it challenging to physically attend doctor's appointments, including rural patients and those who are infirm or have limited mobility.

According to Queensland Government Statistician's Office, in 2022, around 1 in 6 Queenslanders were 65 years or older. Telehealth could be a solution to help the ageing population, particularly those in geographically remote regions.

Patients can simply book a suitable time and receive medical care, appointments and monitoring from the comfort of their homes or any location.

Targeted Care:

Telehealth doctors can be instrumental in providing targeted care to address the specific needs of Queenslanders.

For example, Queensland Government statistics reveal that one in four individuals aged 15 years and older lived with at least one chronic condition in 2017-2018, while one in five had multiple conditions.

To address these needs, our services encompass a range of healthcare solutions, including mental health plans, chronic care management, and general health and wellness routine checks.


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