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A Snapshot of Healthcare Services in Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) covers a vast expanse, approximately one-third of Australia's territory. The district is home to populated cities and large amounts of rural areas.

Currently, there are nine large regional hospitals in WA and numerous country hospitals that offer a broad range of health services.

However, like much of the country, Western Australia is contending with population growth and ageing, which need to be addressed by healthcare services.

Rural residents in WA are particularly affected, experiencing a life expectancy of approximately two years lower than their counterparts in metropolitan areas.

This stark disparity emphasises the need for improved access to healthcare services to address the healthcare gaps and ensure equal care.

Telehealth services are an excellent solution to the problems impacting Western Australians today.


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth uses online technology to provide healthcare remotely without the need for in-person visits.

Patients can simply book an appointment and meet with an online doctor via video, all from the comfort of their homes or any location.

All you need for a telehealth appointment is a mobile phone or tablet, although devices must have the following features:

  • internet connection
  • A camera such as on a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a webcam
  • Headphones or speakers
  • A microphone

You can interact with your online doctor clearly and efficiently using this audio and video technology.

Online Doctor WA Services Available Through Private Medical Telehealth

Telehealth offers a range of healthcare options, particularly for non-emergency cases that do not require immediate medical attention or a physical exam.

These services include the following:

  • A diagnosis and advice on managing symptoms - available for individuals of all ages.
  • Online prescriptions
  • Online medical certificates
  • Online family GP services
  • Serving as your online family GP
  • Referrals to other practitioners or medical specialists

Benefits of Telehealth for WA Residents

Learn how telehealth can effectively supplement your healthcare in Western Australia.

Accessible Healthcare:

Telehealth healthcare can help branch the geographical imbalances that face Western Australia.

Beneficial for residents in both metropolitan and rural areas, telehealth allows patients to obtain advice and treatment when and where it is convenient.

This is useful for busy, in-demand healthcare clinics in cities such as Perth and rural areas in the bush where there are fewer GPs and fewer pharmacies per capita.

Patients will save money on transportation and be able to access convenient appointments that work alongside their schedules.

Personalised Care:

Telehealth can be used to target problems that are specific to residents of Western Australia.

According to the Government of Western Australia’s annual report for 2018-2019, cancer, kidney health, maternity and new born, aboriginal health and mental health and wellbeing were the main concerns of the region.

Telehealth can supplement healthcare in these areas, particularly by providing chronic care management for cancer and kidney conditions, making mental health plans and handling general health and wellness routine checks.

Independent and Private Healthcare:

Telehealth allows patients to play a more proactive role in their healthcare.

It is particularly beneficial for those seeking a second professional opinion or wanting insights from healthcare providers outside their region, all without the need to travel.

All Private Medical doctors are Australia-registered and value confidentially.

This privacy allows patients to have open conversations with their General Practitioner in their healthcare journey.

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