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Victoria may be a bustling jurisdiction, but it faces healthcare challenges just like the rest of the nation.

Read on to learn about how telehealth is helping Victorian stake control of their medical care and achieve positive health outcomes.

A Snapshot of Healthcare Services in Victoria

Victoria is home to approximately one in four Australians, making it a densely populated state.

While a significant portion of the population resides in cities like Melbourne, nearly one-quarter (23%) of Victorians live in rural and regional areas.

People living in and around metropolitan areas live longer than the national average. In contrast, people in rural Victorian areas suffer from more cancer, cardiovascular disease, and mental health problems than their urban counterparts.

Using telehealth in Victoria can level the playing field and provide quality healthcare to all.


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth uses online technology to provide healthcare remotely without the need for face-to-face appointments.

Patients can simply book an appointment and meet with a registered doctor via video, all from the comfort of their homes or any Australia-wide location.

To make a telehealth appointment, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet.

Note that devices must have the following components:

  • internet connection
  • A camera such as on a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a webcam
  • Headphones or speakers
  • A microphone

The above features will allow you to communicate clearly with your online doctor and gain the best possible results from your appointment.

Online Doctor VIC Services Available Through Private Medical Telehealth

Although telehealth has limitations, it is extremely effective for non-emergency situations that do not require immediate medical attention or physical examination.

These services include the following:

  • Getting a diagnosis and advice on managing your symptoms - available for individuals of all ages.
  • Online prescriptions
  • Online medical certificates
  • Serving as your online family GP
  • Referrals to other practitioners or medical specialists

Benefits of Telehealth for Residents of Victoria

Telehealth can ease the health challenges currently facing residents of Victoria - let us explain how.

Flexible and Convenient Healthcare:

Being able to schedule your appointment and attend it from a convenient location is invaluable for a busy, modern lifestyle.

Take a call at home or during a work break and receive help from a registered doctor. Private Medical offers after hours online doctor appointments, so you can get the help you need when you need it.

Telehealth is a blessing for rural Victorians, who are often forced to travel for medical services.

Avoid the stress and expenses and receive your healthcare at your fingertips.

Care Tailored to Reduce the Disease Burden of Victoria's Residents:

According to the Victoria Department of Health, some of the leading causes of disease and injury that Victorians face are smoking, obesity, dietary risks and high blood plasma glucose.

This data shows how important it is to address diet-related factors when discussing efforts to reduce the disease burden in Australia.

Private Medical can offer targeted care to ease the impact of enduring chronic disease and implement general health and wellness strategies to ensure continuity of care and the most positive health outcomes.


Reduce Stress on In-Person Health Services:

Victoria generally has a high standard of healthcare; however, just like the rest of the country, residents are experiencing delayed GP appointments or are unable to join a local clinic. This issue puts significant pressure on emergency departments as patients delay their care.

Telehealth can address these issues, providing convenient and accessible online GP appointments from anywhere across Australia.

We can diagnose, advise on the management of symptoms and prescribe treatment, provided your condition is appropriate for the telehealth environment.


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