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Finding the Perfect Online Doctor Appointment with Private Medical

June 2023

Arranging an appointment with a doctor canbe a frustrating and time-consuming process, especially when dealing with pressing health issues.

Fortunately, Private Medical offers a smooth online experience that can cut the hassle out of your healthcare.

If you need medical advice, a medical certificate, prescription, pathology test or a referral to a specialist consultant,you can use our services to easily access online GPs to meet your needs.

This article will walk you through arranging a consultation with an online doctor, so you can book an appointment and commence your tailored healthcare journey.  

Steps for Booking an Online Doctor Appointment

Arranging a Private Medical telehealth consultation follows four main steps.

●      Choosing your appointment

●      Finding a doctor or practitioner

●      Choosing a suitable time and date

●      Payment and Medicare

See below for more details on each stage,and how to tailor your appointment to your needs.

Choosing Your Appointment

When it comes to booking your appointment online, you will first be asked which type of consultation you need.

Private Medical provides services for individuals and their families, so you can make a booking for yourself, or on behalf of a family member.

The options are as follows:

●      Standard Telehealth Consultation - Up to 15 Minutes

●      Long Telehealth Consultation -Up to 30 minutes

●      Mental Health Consultation - Upto 30 minutes

As you select your appointment, you have the opportunity to give extra details about your symptoms, condition or any additional information you want your doctor to know.

All online consultations entitle you to meet with a qualified doctor to review your medical history and discuss your presenting problem.

Our trained medical professionals offer a wide variety of telehealth services and will also be able to:

●      Advise on diagnosis and management

●      Order tests and investigations

●      Prescribe medication

●      Make referrals to other practitioners

●      Provide certificates

●      Arrange follow-up appointments'

However, please be aware that we cannot assist with emergencies, or conditions where close visual and physical examination is needed.


Finding A Doctor or Practitioner

Once you have selected your appointment,you will be able to choose a practitioner.

●      Any Practitioner - Select this optionand we’ll match you with the appropriate practitioner that’s next available.

●      Choose a Specific Practitioner - Read the credentials and professional experience of each doctor and make your own selection. If you are a returning patient, this helps you meet with the same practitioner each time.

Choosing a Suitable Time and Date

Private Medical lets you choose a time anddate that works for you. We operate seven days a week, with extended practice hours to give you extra flexibility.

You can easily see our next available time when you click on our ‘Book Appointment' page.

Arranging Immediate Care

For ASAP care needs, we can help you see the next available clinician for immediate care, without having a prior scheduled appointment.

This is suitable for:

●      Colds and flu

●      Allergies

●      Headaches

●      Skin conditions

●      Women's Health

●      Men's Health

●      Aches and pains

●      Anxiety and mental health needs

To make an immediate care appointment, head to our book an appointment page. Alternatively, you can call AU 135 001 and explain your situation over the phone.

The team will then help schedule the next available doctor who will attend to your needs.

Please note that our immediate care appointments are not appropriate for:

●      Traumatic injuries

●      Vomiting or coughing up blood

●      Delirium or loss of consciousness

●      Burn injuries

●      Chest pain

●      Lacerations

●      Broken bones

●      Ear or eye infections or injuries

In the case of these conditions, pleaseseek urgent in-person medical care.

Payment and Medicare

We run a private medical service, which means payment will be required before you consult with one of our doctors.

After making your booking, you will have upto 60 minutes to complete your transaction and confirm your payment.

Should you wish to access Australian Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme rebates on your referrals and prescriptions, you will need to supply your Australian Medicare Number.Afterwards, you can claim a rebate yourself.

Please be aware that not all appointmentsoffer Medicare rebates, although in some cases, exceptions apply.

Speak with Private Medical

By following all these steps, you will beon your way to meeting with a qualified online doctor in no time.

Want to know more? Whether you need assistance booking an appointment or would like to discuss specifics such as Medicare eligibility, our helpful administration staff can provide you with the most current advice.

Drop us a message via our online contact form, email or call us directly at AU 135 001.

Alternatively, browse the PMHealth Hub for more articles about managing your healthcare using online doctor appointments.

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