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From Diagnosis to Follow-Up: Making Online Healthcare Simple

June 2023

However, once you’ve experienced its convenience, you'll find yourself questioning how you ever managed without it.            

Follow our step-by-step guide to secure your appointment slot and revolutionise your healthcare.

How to Book a Telehealth Appointment

Is Telehealth Appropriate for Your Needs?

We’re the first to champion telehealth but in emergencies and severe medical conditions, we recommend an in-person appointment.

It would be irresponsible of us to offer virtual care if your condition requires a close physical examination and immediate attention.

Please call 000 immediately if you are experiencing:

●      Chest pains

●      Uncontrolled bleeding

●      Poisoning

●      Constant vomiting

●      Serious breathing problems

To discover the conditions we can safely assist with, please explore our full range of telehealth services.


Start the Booking Process

Begin by choosing your preferred booking method.

You can call 135 001 and speak to a team member over the phone who will guide you through the booking process.

If you prefer to book independently, head to our Book Appointment page and schedule anappointment online, following the steps on the booking form.

With Private Medical, you also have the convenience of booking appointments for yourself or on behalf of someone else.


Select a Telehealth Consultation

We offer several tailored consultations at Private Medical. Listed below are insights into these various appointments and their scheduled fees.

●      Standard Telehealth Consultation - Up to 15 Minutes($65)

●      Long Telehealth Consultation - Up to 30 minutes ($130)

●      Mental Health Consultation -  Up to 30 Minutes ($130)

●      COVID19 Antiviral Consultation - Up to 20 Minutes($105)

Standard / Long Telehealth Consultation:

Your doctor can assess your medical history and symptoms,offer guidance on diagnosis and treatment, order tests, and prescribe medication.

They can also refer you to other specialists if necessary,provide any certificates, and schedule a follow-up to track your health progress.

Book your Standard or Long Telehealth Appointment Now.

Mental Health Consultation:

You can discuss your situation with your doctor, who can then assess your needs, perform a mental health evaluation, devise a tailored treatment plan, and recommend psychiatrists or other appropriate mental health professionals if necessary.

They can also prescribe medications to address conditions like depression or anxiety.

Book your Mental Health Appointment Now.

COVID19 Antiviral Consultation:

If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, you might qualify for antiviral treatments, particularly if you’re a high-risk patient.

Speak with a healthcare provider, and if eligible, they can prescribe you antiviral capsules or tablets to stop the infection from becoming severe.

Book your COVID19 Antiviral Appointment Now.

Select an Appointment Time and a Practitioner.

Once you choose your consultation, you can explore our practitioners and see their available appointment slots on a calendar.

You can choose a specific practitioner from the dropdown list if you wish.

Please be aware that when selecting a specific doctor, appointments will be based on their availability.

If you need prompt care, consider expanding your search to ‘female practitioners’, ‘male practitioners’ or ‘any practitioners’ for more available appointments.


Enter Our Secure Payment Gateway.

After booking your appointment, you will be sent an emailand SMS with a link to our payment gateway. We accept both credit card and debit card payments for our appointments.

Your slot will be reserved for up to 60 minutes. If payment is not received within this time frame, the appointment will unfortunately be cancelled.

Please note that if you intend to have prescriptions sent to you via SMS or email, you will need to enter your Medicare number when registering your details.

Receive Confirmation.

After payment, you should receive a confirmation email or SMS to prove that you’re all booked and prepared for your appointment.

Save this message as it contains important details aboutyour appointment, along with an important URL link to connect you with yourdoctor at the time of your consultation.

When it's time for your consultation, simply click on the URL link provided. This will take you to a virtual ‘waiting room’ where your online doctor will join you to begin your private consultation.

Tips for Taking Your Telehealth Appointment

To make the most of your consultation, we recommend preparing a few details in advance.

The following tips will help you to communicate efficiently and improve your overall experience.

●      Make a note of important medical information to sharewith your doctor. This can range from symptoms and details of your condition to your current prescriptions and pharmacy information.

●      Check the condition of your webcam, microphone andinternet connection.

●      Find a quiet spot with good lighting to take your call. Consider sitting near a charging port to prevent your device from running low mid-consultation.

●      Note down your practitioners’ answers and medical advice for future reference.

Book a Private Medical Telehealth Appointment Today.

Armed with this extra support, we hope you feel confident to explore the realm of telehealth and book a virtual consultation.

If you have any questions, concerns or require extra assistance our responsive administration team is here to help.

Leave a message through our online contact enquiry form or call us directly on 135 001.

We’re available sevendays a week, from 8 am to 8 pm, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have.

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