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How is Improving Access to Quality Healthcare in Australia

April 2023

A good doctor-to-patient relationship is paramount for success in healthcare, though sadly, only some have equal access to satisfactory medical treatment or advice.

At Private Medical, we are committed to providing quality GP appointments and doctor telehealth consultations from the comfort of your home or any Australia-wide location.

Our patient reviews indicate that our approach is working and helping to improve how Australians can access their healthcare.

If you are curious to learn more, stick with us as we break down the main ways telehealth is revolutionising medical appointments in Australia.

How is Private Medical improving access to quality healthcare in Australia?

Lower patient-to-staff ratio

Patients need to know their doctors and nurses will listen to them and give them specific information tailored to their needs.

Unfortunately, this rapport is challenging to maintain when healthcare professionals are rushed off their feet with an overwhelming workload and have a large number of patients in their care.

Private Medical has a lower patient-to-staff ratio, allowing for more intentional, one-on-one care and attention. In this way, your medical contact can get to know your concerns, quirks and queries, helping to fine-tune your healthcare accordingly.

Additionally, you can select the  doctor you wish to consult with, so you can maintain a relationship with someone who knows and understands your health history and ongoing conditions.

Specialist practitioners and unique services

Our fully registered, highly qualified medical professionals at the cutting edge of medicine inAustralian healthcare, stayup-to-date with the latest developments and promoting long-term health and well-being.

The nature of our private telehealth practice also means we’re able to offer a range of tailored and efficient services, such as:

● We can provide patients with an online family doctor who understands their family's medical needs. Telehealth doctors also offer a convenient way for caregivers to coordinate care for children and elderly or disabled relatives.

● Our ASAP Care service allows you to call us without a prior appointment and receive help from the next available medical practitioner. Call us on 135 001 and receive help from the next available medical practitioner.

● We can perform General Health and Wellness checks to ensure you are on track for a healthy lifestyle.

● We offer flexible appointments and a more personal approach to medical care, making us an ideal choice for chronic healthcare management.

Flexible appointment times.

We understand that medical needs don't stop when business hours end. Using our 24-hour online booking system, you can contact Private Medical and make appointments whenever you need our services.

Our practice is open seven days a week with extended hours for after-hours appointments.

Take your appointment from anywhere.

We are a completely remote medical services company, providing our high quality telehealth services via technology, using video and telephone calls.

The telehealth system means that as well as enjoying flexible appointment times, our patients can carry out their appointment anywhere they feel comfortable.

Overall, you receive convenient, premium  telehealth care that works to your schedule.


Book an appointment today to meet with a  caring and qualified medical professional.

For additional questions or assistance, please email or call our national phone line on 135 001. Our wonderful team is more than happy to help with your queries and arrange the appropriate care for you.

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