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New Year, New You! How To Improve Your Health & Wellness in 2023

March 2023

For some, 2022 has been a dream - but there is no denying that for others, this year has been tough. It’s hard to focus on being your best, healthiest self when there are so many competing priorities –between work, family, study and personal commitments, health and wellbeing often takes a back seat.
Never Fear! 2023 is going to be your year, and here’s how you can stay on top of your physical and mental health over the next 12 months (and how Private Medical can help you do it).

1.       Get Enough Sleep
As well as turning off your phone, limiting the carbs before bed and having a regular waking and sleeping routine, it’s also important to look after your sleep health.
If you’re not feeling rested despite your best efforts, there may be underlying conditions such as sleep apnea* which are impacting your sleep and your overall health – it might be time to speak to your GP about a sleep study to help identify why you’re not getting your beauty sleep – Private Medical’s online telehealth GPs can chat to you, issue referrals for sleep studies and work with you to improve your sleep.

2.       Eat Well
It’s true what they say, you are what you eat! Your diet is important, but not (just) for how you look – if you have a nourishing and stable diet full of foods that are fun to eat and that make you feel good inside, you’ll be kicking goals in 2023!
As well as improving your physical health and lifespan, looking after your diet and gut health can also do wonders for your mental health – studies* have linked poor gut flora to several mental illnesses including depression. If you don’t know where to start, your Private Medical virtual doctor can refer you to a dietician to help you put together an eating plan, as well as request blood tests to ensure you’re not lacking in any essential nutrients that could be impacting your health!

3.       Mental Health Matters

If you had flu symptoms, or a broken arm, or a chronic illness, you would visit your doctor for advice on how to feel better. The brain is a part of the body like any other, and sometimes we need a little help to get our mental health back on track. GP Mental HealthCare Plans can give you access to 10x bulk billed sessions with a psychologist per year*, to help you with anything from building resilience to anxiety, depression or help with substance abuse. Speak to us about booking an online virtual GP appointment, where our telehealth doctors can help you put together a plan for your mental health this year.

4.       Prioritize Your Time

We all lead busy lives, and it’s important to spend your time wisely – catching up with friends, spending time with family, exercising, meditating, indulging in our hobbies are vital for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

While it is important to speak with your GP about things like diet, sleep and mental health, it doesn’t have to take up all your time – Telehealth online doctor consultations remove travel time and waiting time and allow you to spend more time on you!

To learn more about Private Medical telehealth, to book an online doctor consultation, or to speak with one of our friendly team members about a virtual GP appointment – visit or contact us on 135 001.

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