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Medicated Weight Loss Consultations

March 2024

We are pleased to introduce a new telehealth service for new and existing Private Medical patients who are seeking medical assistance to achieve lasting weight loss results.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed in 2020 that 67% of Australians over the age of 18 are either overweight or obese. The latest National Health Survey (NHS) 2022 found that almost two thirds (65.8%) of adults were overweight or obese. Two major contributors to obesity in our modern societies are poor diet/nutrition and reductions or lack of physical activity. However, there are many other complex genetic, physiological, hormonal,developmental, behavioral, economic,and environmental influences on an individual’s body weight.

We understand nearly all individuals can derive benefits from healthy lifestyle and good dietary choices, but there is a place for medical assistance.

Everybody can derive benefits from a healthy lifestyle, including good dietary choices and regular physical activity. However, in some cases, individuals may need medical assistance in order to address and achieve weight loss.

Weight loss medications can assist individuals who are struggling to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

There will be a small group who may be better served with a surgical alternative, and Private Medical doctors can refer patients to bariatric surgical specialists, when needed.

When you book a Medicated Weight loss Consultation with a Private Medical online doctor, the first step is to complete our online patient questionnaire. This will cover information regarding your medical history along with some basic height and weight measurements, plus your goal weight.

At your first Medicated Weight Loss Consultation, your doctor will review your questionnaire, and your history and discuss options that could be suitable. At the end of this, you may need to have some blood tests, or other investigations or referrals organised..

After your first appointment, we will have a review appointment with you to confirm the best weight loss treatment plan and implement a follow up programme for you.

As this is a journey, we will follow your weight loss progress over the next 3 months to see how the treatment is progressing and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Private Medical online doctor telehealth services are available 7 days a week including during the day, after hours, weekends and public holidays across Australia.

You can book a Medicated Weight Loss Consultation (30 min $130) with Private Medical online or by calling our Admin Team on 135 001.


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