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Navigating Telehealth Services: Online Doctor Consultations,Online Prescriptions, Online Medical Certificates, and Online Referrals

February 2024

In recent years, telehealth has been embraced as a convenient and accessible mode of health care delivery, aligning seamlessly with the demands of our fast-paced and digitally interconnected lives. We can now take advantage of online doctor consultations and services,making it easier than ever to receive online prescriptions, online medical certificates, and online referrals, from the comfort of your own home, or any Australia-wide location.

Health care at your fingertips: Online Doctor Consultations

The traditional visit to a doctor's office often entails long waits, time-consuming commutes, and potential exposure to contagious illnesses. Online doctor consultations have addressed these issues by providing a convenient alternative. Online doctor consultations provide flexibility and comfort - patients have more options for appointment times and can schedule an appointment at a time that suits them, including last-minute asap doctor consultations and after hours doctor consultations. Patients can attend their telehealth appointment via video call, phone, or chat, from the comfort of their own home or other Australia-wide location. This accessibility is especially valuable for individuals and families with busy schedules, individuals with mobility issues,the elderly and those living in regional and remote areas. Private Medical offers a convenient and flexible booking process and a confidential and secure digital platform for online doctor consultations.

To book an online doctor’s appointment with Private Medical, you have two options:

You can Book Online [MV1] or contact their dedicated and friendly medical administration team on 135 001 to book over the phone.

Online Prescriptions for You and Your Entire Family

During your online doctor appointment, you can discuss any health issues or prescription needs with your online doctor.Depending on your situation and your online doctor's assessment, the doctor can provide you with an electronic prescription (e-prescription) to treat or manage your health condition, or a repeat prescription (prescription refill) for medications that you are currently taking. This includes online prescriptions for chronic health conditions, contraception, minor infections, pain management, mental health conditions, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, high/low blood pressure, among many others. You can also attend the online consultation with your child or elderly relative to discuss their prescription needs.

Private Medical’s online doctors are committed to safe prescribing laws to ensure patient safety and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals. They will provide the best advice for your personal situation, and prescribing online prescriptions will always be at the Doctors discretion.  

Please note: Schedule 8 Controlled Drug medications and drugs of addiction will not normally be prescribed from the doctors at Private Medical.

Drugs of this nature should be carefully monitored by a regular healthcare provider.Please do not proceed to book a video consultation if you are seeking such medications as your consultation fee will not be refunded if they are not prescribed.

Online Medical Certificates The Key to a Stress-Free Sick Day

When you are feeling unwell and need an online medical certificate for work or school, the traditional process involves an appointment with your primary care physician. This can be a time-consuming ordeal. Online doctor telehealth services, however, allow you to obtain online medical certificates swiftly. A telehealth [MV5] consultation with an online doctor can result in the issuance of a valid online medical certificate, making it easier to justify a sick day without unnecessary delays or paperwork.

Online Referrals: Supporting Specialised Care

Some medical conditions require specialised treatment and online referrals to specialists. Online doctor consultations allow for a streamlined online referral process. At your online doctor consultation,you can discuss your health issue with your online doctor and they will conduct a telemedicine assessment. They can help to diagnose and manage a range of non-emergency acute or chronic health conditions and they can provide an online referral to the appropriate specialist. This means you can access specialised care more efficiently and avoid delays that might negatively impact on your health.

Private Medical’s Telehealth Services:The Assurance of Quality Care

Private Medical’s online telehealth services strive to maintain high standards of care.Online doctor consultations are provided by Australian registered and experienced general practitioners who follow best practice guidelines. Our telehealth services prioritise patient confidentiality, data security, and the quality of care provided.

Telehealth services are becoming a permanent fixture in the healthcare landscape, along with the broader digital transformation of medical records and services. Health care delivery is adapting to our contemporary lifestyles, with online doctor telehealth services providing convenient access to online doctor consultations and services, including online prescriptions, online medical certificates, and online referrals to medical specialists.

If you would like to discuss online prescriptions,online medical certificates, or online referrals with one of our Australian registered online doctors, you can book an online doctor appointment with Private Medical here or call us on 135 001 to speak to a member of our dedicated and friendly medical administration team.

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