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Need a Doctor While on Holiday? Online Doctor Services for Travelers

February 2024

Are you traveling around Australia this summer? Or are you a tourist visiting Australia for a holiday? If you need to see a doctor during your trip, have you considered a telehealth doctor appointment?

With an online doctor telehealth appointment, you can see a qualified Australian registered online doctor about your non-emergency medical needs. To attend your telehealth doctor appointment while traveling or visiting Australia, you need a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone and internet connection.

Travellers can consult with their online doctor from any Australia-wide location including the comfort of their hotel room, a remote beach, or a mountainside retreat.

Private Medical’s online doctor appointments are available during the day, after hours,weekends and even public holidays, which provides great accessibility and flexibility for travellers and tourists visiting Australia.

Needing to see a doctor while travelling away from home can be worrying and can disrupt travel plans. When you are traveling or visiting another country, it can often be difficult to determine where to go to seek medical treatment.

If you have an emergency medical situation or need, you will need to go to the local hospital’s emergency department. If you are travelling in a remote Australian location, you may need to go to the nearest town with health services.

If you or a family member are travelling in Australia or visiting Australia on holiday as a tourist and need to see a doctor, then you may want to consider booking a Private Medical online doctor telehealth consultation.

Online doctor services have emerged as a flexible medical resource for travellers, offering a convenient and accessible means of seeking medical advice and assistance from a doctor while on the go and far from home.

Your Private Medical online doctor can provide assistance with the following medical services:

·     Asap medical care – for non-emergency medical treatment

·     Individual and family medicine - for general medical conditions such as for a cold or flu, allergies, stomach upsets, or unexpected injuries etc.

·     Online prescriptions - such as prescription renewals and refills for those on long-term medication or with chronic conditions.  

·     Online mental health consultations

·     Online referrals to specialists

Telehealth online doctor services provide peace of mind to travellers by helping them access medical attention when they need it from any convenient Australia-wide location, reducing disruption to holiday and travel plans.

Private Medical’s Telehealth Services are available to anyone travelling in Australia, including individual sand families who live in Australia and International visitors holidaying in Australia as tourists.

If you would like to book a Private Medical online doctor consultation, book online here, or phone 135 001to book an appointment over the phone or speak to our friendly Medical Administration team.  

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