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Online Doctor Services for Individuals and Families on Holiday

February 2024

As the summer months and school holidays approach, many of us look forward to a slower pace of life and enjoying the warm weather to relax and unwind. Perhaps we will go on holiday, take a trip to the beach, go camping, or visit friends and family.

If you are going on holiday this summer, you maybe looking forward to using less technology and spending more time outdoors. However,it is comforting to know that we can take our devices and the internet just about anywhere we go, and this gives us access to many online services and online resources that we often need while away on holiday.

Unexpected illnesses and medical concerns can strike at any time including while you are away on holiday. If you need to see a doctor while on holiday in Australia, you or your family member may have a general medical concern or illness outside of doctor’s office hours or you may not be familiar with the local health providers.

That is where an online doctor appointment with Private Medical can offer you accessibility, convenience and flexibility.

Private Medical is open 7 days a week with online doctor appointments available during the day, after hours, weekends and even public holidays.

Online doctors can provide advice, assessment,diagnosis, referrals, and prescriptions for a range of non-emergency health conditions, even while you are away from home on holiday.

A Private Medical online doctor can provide:

·      Asap medical care – for non-emergency medical treatment

·      Individual and family medicine - for general medical conditions such as colds and flues, allergies, stomach upsets, or unexpected injuries etc.

·      Online prescriptions - such as prescription renewals and refills for those on long-term medication or with chronic conditions.  

·      Online mental health consultations

·      Online referrals to specialists

If you have a life-threatening illness or serious health event, you should go to the local hospital’s emergency department.

If you, your child, or your relative have anon-emergency health concern while away on holiday, as long as you have an internet connection and a personal device (a phone, tablet or laptop) with a camera and microphone, you can easily access online telehealth services and book an online consultation with a qualified and Australian registered doctor at Private Medical.

To book a Private Medical online doctor appointment,even while on holiday, book online now or for any questions/to phone to make a telehealth booking, please call 135 001 to speak with our dedicated Medical Administration team.


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