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Online Mental Health Support from Private Medical

July 2023

At Private Medical, we know mental health support can feel overwhelming. Thanks to our telehealth appointments, getting help when you’re feeling down or anxious has never been easier.

Over 17% of Australians suffer anxiety disorders, and 14% of Australian children and young people also experience mood-related difficulties,

At Private Medical, we know asking for time off can leave you nervous about stigma or negative presumptions. Utilising telehealth services from the comfort of your home can be the best step to begin your wellness journey without worrying about other opinions.

Is Telehealth the Right Choice for My Mental Health?

We  are  telehealth advocates, but we recommend an in-person appointment if you cannot keep yourself or your dependents safe before your online consultation.

While we want to offer you the best care, it would be poor professional practice if you require immediate attention, and we ask you to wait. If you feel your situation is an emergency, such as a severe injury due to self-harm or feeling suicidal, then please call 000 immediately.

Telehealth for mental health can be accessed from anywhere, but importantly it offers you Anonymity. At Private Medical, we want to end the stigma around mental health but know it can be challenging to request time out for appointments.  Having online sessions allows you to work with your schedule and choose a time that suits you. Private Medical has experienced GPs to facilitate the journey of using telehealth for mental health.  Please explore our options for Mental Health Care Plan Consultations to discover how our online mental health services can help you on your way to feeling happier.  When you speak to our GPs, they will assess what help you need including: creating a mental health treatment plan, referring you to a psychiatrist or other mental health professional and giving you a prescription for medicines to treat depression or anxiety.

How Does the Telehealth Process Work

To give you peace of mind before booking, read on to discover how the telehealth process works:

1. Call and speak to our friendly team over the phone on 135 001 or schedule your appointment on our website using our appointment service.

2. We'll send a confirmation message to you once you have chosen your desired consultation and made payment, this message will contain a link to join your private appointment.

3. On the day, simply click the link and chat with our qualified Australian doctors, who will discuss your needs, share the necessary prescriptions or referrals, and ensure you are happy with these decisions.

Your Online Mental Health Consultation

Before you book your online consultation, read about our mental health process and how we at Private Medical can help you.

Allocated Time: Up to 30 minutes

Cost: $130 (Medicare rebates are available subject to eligibility)

How to Prepare:

● Jot down some notes of what you feel are the significant factors contributing to your feelings. These could be diet, job or finance related; no worry is insignificant. It’s also worth considering the factors and triggers that most impact your quality of life.  Also, note down any other medical information you can share with your doctor during the consultation, such as allergies, current medications and any preexisting conditions.

● Before you log in, check your internet connection and any other devices you may be using, such as a headset or microphone.

● Find a spot you are going to feel comfortable in. A quiet area away from disturbances will give you peace of mind and the ability to fully open up to your doctor.

● Let your doctor know if you are nervous; they are here to help you and want to give you the best possible care.

● Your GP may send you some online forms to complete during or prior to your appointment, ensure that you take your time and answer as truthfully as possible.

What to Expect:

After you have gone through the introductions, here is a list of what your doctor may run through during your consultation.

● An assessment of your current mental health.

● Discussing a treatment plan with you and ensuring you feel happy with the course of action.

● Referral to a range of mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists; these can also be online , or our staff can recommend a specialist in your area.

● Prescribing antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication. Please note that some psychiatric medication, particularly drugs for the treatment of ADHD, can not be provided through this service except in special circumstances.

Start your Journey to Mental Wellness Today

At Private Medical, we hope you feel supported and confident to explore the possibility of getting mental health support and book an online consultation.

We can be reached  seven days a week between 8 am to 8 pm, so if you have any worries or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us by phoning 135 001 or leaving an enquiry through our online contact form.

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