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Patient's Guide to Private Medical Telehealth Services

April 2023

Private Medical is an online, private healthcare provider that uses telehealth services to communicate, diagnose and treat patients across Australia.

To get the most out of your telehealth consultation, we recommend all patients read through this guide before makingor joining their appointment. Doing so will mean you get the most out of your consultation.

Use this article to guide you through the process, and feel free to refer back to it as and when needed.

Using Our Telehealth Services

Private Medical allows you to book online GP appointments and telehealth consultations from anywhere in Australia.

✔  Telehealth is Suitable For:

●      Non-emergency urgent care, including minor injuries,respiratory illness and urinary tract infections.

●      Chronic disease management.

●      Medication management.

●      Mental health services.

●      Family medicine.


✗  Telehealth is not Suitable For:

●      Emergencies and severe medical conditions.

●      Prescriptions for Schedule 8 medications and otheraddictive medications are not prescribed without good supporting evidence. Ifconsultations are booked for this reason, no refunds will be given if arequested medicine is not prescribed.

●      Health care plans, except for Mental Health Care Plans.


Booking a TelehealthConsultation

It's easy to schedule a telehealth consultation. Simplyfollow these steps.

  1. Speak to our friendly team over the phone, or schedule an appointment independently by heading to our     Book Appointment page.
  2. Choose one     of our services from the following options:

●      Standard Telehealth Consultation

●      Long Telehealth Consultation

●      Mental Health Consultation

●      COVID19 Antiviral Consultation

  1. Select an appropriate consultation time and preferred practitioner. After this, you will enter our secure payment gateway.
  2. Upon booking an appointment, you'll receive a confirmation message via SMS and/or email along with a URL link.
  3. When your  consultation is due to commence, click the link. You will enter a virtual ‘waiting room’, where your online doctor will join and begin your private     consultation.


How to Prepare for aTelehealth Appointment

To make the most of your consultation, prepare ahead of time so that you can address all your concerns.

We recommend starting with the following areas to help you cover all bases.

Medical Information

Make a note of important medical details, soyou can communicate your issues and needs effectively. This information may include the following:

●      Your symptoms and existing conditions.

●      Names and locations of hospitals and GP.

●      Basic health information, such as weight and height.

●      A list of your current prescriptions and pharmacyinformation.

●      Medicare details.

Technical Efficiency

Your appointment is provided through your phone, laptop, or smart device. Take a moment to review these areas to make sure you're ready:

●       Ensureyou have reliable internet or phone connection.

●       Makesure your device is charged or plugged in.

●       Checkyour webcam and microphone.

●       Use speakers or headphones.

●      Use an up-to-date browser.

Pick a Suitable Location

Telehealth gives you the freedom to take your consultationwherever you choose, but we do suggest the following:

●      Taking your call in a quiet area with good lighting.

●      Positioning yourself near a charging port to prevent your device from running low mid-consultation.

Additional Advice

These final suggestions may enhance the efficiency of yourappointment.

●      Write down your practitioners’ answers either digitally or physically for future reference.

●      Use a flashlight to highlight areas that may be hard tosee on a camera, such as a sore throat or skin condition.

●      If necessary, acquire an at-home blood pressure monitor to record your results and pass the findings to your online doctor.


In the case of a lost connection, the doctor will attempt to reconnect immediately, and you will be asked to rejoin the video consultation.

Failing this, the doctor will attempt to call you on the mobile number you have provided in your Private Medical profile. The call will be either from the Private Medical number (135 001) or a private number.

Reschedule your appointment.

If you can’t reconnect with your doctor or a phone appointment seems inappropriate, our administration staffwill attempt to reschedule your appointment for another time that meets your needs.

Refunds are available if there is noother convenient time for you.

What to do After yourConsultation

When your consultation ends, you will receive a review and receipt of your appointment.

We’ll send the receipt digitally, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing vital paperwork.

Australian Medicare

Should you wish to access Australian Medicare rebates and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidies, you should supply your Australian Medicare Number upon registration.

Then, providing that the consultation qualifies for Medicare, you can use your receipt to claim a reimbursement for your session.

Similarly, if you have Medicare and require a prescription, your online doctor will directly SMS or email you an e-prescription. You can take this e-script to a convenient pharmacy and receive your prescription at a subsidised cost.

Follow-up Appointment

Occasionally, your practitioner may suggest a follow-upconsultation to monitor your progress. Again, you can schedule this appointment online at your convenience.


If an online doctor refers you to another clinic, you will receive the referral via email. Any necessary certificates will also be emailed directly to you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about managing your consultation,please do not hesitate to contact us. Use our online contact enquiryform, email admin@privatemedical.netor call us on 135 001.

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