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October 2023
October 2023

Need an online doctor? Do you have children or any dependents? In this article, we explore how online doctor telehealth services work for individuals and families, so you can understand what services are right for you and your situation.  

What are the benefits of utilising an online GP vs seeing a GP in person?

While online GPs offer numerous advantages, it's important to note that they may not be suitable for all medical situations. In cases that require physical examinations, hands-on procedures, or emergency care, in-person consultations may be necessary. The choice between online and in-person healthcare depends on the specific medical issue and the advice of healthcare professionals. 

The benefits of using online GP services are numerous. Convenience is one of the primary benefits of telehealth appointments, as you can access your GP appointment from a convenient location. This also reduces the cost of travel and reduces exposure to illness (by avoiding GP or hospital waiting rooms). For people who have mobility issues, or live in rural and remote areas, online appointments can provide better accessibility to GP care. Reduced wait times and flexibility in scheduling are other benefits, as online GP appointments are often available after hours, with immediate appointments slots available.  

How much does a Private Medical Online GP appointment cost?

Depending on your situation, appointment costs with Private Medical can range from $69 - $130 per appointment.  View our online booking page for more details. In comparison, in-person GP appointment costs vary, depending on Medicare rebates and billing arrangements. For example, bulk-billing GPs can charge from $0- $40.52, or more, while private billing GPs (non-bulk-billed/Medicare) charge about $90-$105 for a standard (15-minute) consultation.


When are Private Medical online GP’s available for appointments?

12 hours per day, 7 days per week, including after hours, weekends and all public holidays.


I have a family – can I book one telehealth appointment for myself and my children?

Yes, you can book online GP appointments for yourself and your children. Private Medical online GPs see patients of all ages and they can assist families with their health concerns.


I have an elderly family member seeking a second opinion regarding their treatment, what type of appointment do you recommend?

Private Medical online GPs can provide secondary opinions and recommendations. We recommend the $69 standard 15-minuteappointment for this.


I have a chronic health condition and need a GP to assist with managing it – can I see an online GP?

Private Medical online GPs work with patients of all ages to assist with managing their chronic health conditions.


Can I claim a Medicare rebate for my Private Medical online GP appointment?

We are a private telehealth service and payment will be required prior to your virtual consultation with one of our doctors, however if an MBS item applies, you can claim a rebate for this yourself.

Bulk billed services are not available through this service, and currently the majority of Medicare items are not available via telehealth, however exceptions do apply for:

- People requiring GP advice on Mental Health Care Plans, smoking cessation some reproductive health enquiries

- Anyone who is affected by COVID isolation orders

- Anyone who needs to be assessed for COVID antiviral medication

- Babies under 12 months of age

- People experiencing homelessness

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for Medicare coverage, please contact our admin staff on 135 001 for the most up to date advice.

You can also see Services Australia for more information on Medicare services and claiming rebates.


Can my private health insurance pay?

If you are an international visitor or student in Australia, we can provide you with a receipt after your consultation to claim a rebate through your Insurance.


Can I use my phone for my telehealth consultation?

Yes! While we recommend using a laptop, tablet, or computer, due to a bigger screen size, you can still attend a telehealth appointment on your mobile phone. For your appointment, you should try to be in a quiet spot with good lighting. You will need to ensure your chosen device has a working camera, speakers, and a microphone. To test your connection prior to your consultation, including your microphone, speakers, and camera, click here.


What are the minimum technology/hardware requirements to use telehealth services?

You will need a device with a working camera, speakers, and microphone. You can use a laptop, tablet, computer, or smartphone, and you can test out your connection and hardware here.


Do you have more questions?

See Our Frequently Asked Questions page or email any queries


How do I book a Private Medical online GP appointment?

Booking an online GP appointment is fast and easy.

Simply book online or contact us on 135 001 to book an appointment over the phone with our friendly staff.

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