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Telehealth GP Doctor’s Appointments are Easy

March 2023

‘Telehealth’ can be a daunting word to some. It insinuates the use of some form of technology to try and replicate a real doctor consultation. And if you aren’t familiar with technology and the use of different programs, you may just say ‘forget it’.

However, there are many positive benefits from the use of Telehealth, that may in fact make your life easier, if you are considering giving it a try:




Online services have been created forease of access and convenience. We have seen this in the banking, retail, and travel industries. Particularly since the COVID epidemic, Telehealth hasallowed people to book online doctor appointments in real time, exactly whenthey need them.

Access to care


Online Telehealth doctors offer greater convenience and benefits for those who find it hard to access transport, are time-poor, or who find it difficult to leave the house, such as parents of little kids, people who have come down with an infectious illness, people with physical disabilities or mental health concerns. Private Medical for example,is open 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, ensuring that no matter when you needa doctor, there will be one to speak with you.

Reduced wait times


If it isn’t possible to get an appointment with your regular GP and you need a medical certificate for work, an online doctor service can help. They also enable acute conditions to be managed in a timely manner, for instance by getting a script for tablets to stop vomiting or to treat an infection.

Reducing congestion in hospitals andmedical centres


Telehealth services also reduce pressure on primary care services and hospitals. No one wants to sit and wait for hours while you are feeling unwell. If someone can be supported by an online service instead of visiting an emergency department or urgent care centre, then they can keep room available for people with more serious health needs.

Ease of use

And the best one of all - Youdon’t need complicated technical skills to use a telehealth doctors’appointment!

1.       At Private Medical, you can choose to either phone and speak with our friendly team to book your consultation, or if you feel comfortable you can go to our website to select and book your appointment time and pay for your consultationyourself.

2.       You will then be sent an SMS and/or email, confirming your appointment details, andit will contain a link for you to simply click on at your consultation time tojoin with your doctor.

3.       That’s it! Speak with one of our specialist qualified Australian trained GP’s, they will then provide any scripts, certificates or referrals as needed eitherdirectly to you or your chosen pharmacy or specialist.


If you would like to book in tosee an online doctor or want to know more, call, and speak with our friendlyteam on 135 001, or visit our website at



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