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Have a sick child and don’t know where to turn?

March 2023
November 2022

Telehealth could be the answer:

With one of the toughest winters Australia has had in some time, it has been difficult for parents lately juggling the combination of COVID, flu, common cold and the respiratory syncytial virus or RSV to name a few illnesses running rampant and spreading between children while in care.

Given the prevalence of these illnesses throughout day care and schools Australia wide, this has meant getting in to speak with a GP is now a much longer process, some waiting weeks to be able to get into their usual GP clinic, and many still not accepting any patients who have cold or flu-like symptoms. Hospitals and paramedics are also under pressure and unable to get to each patient within their usual timeframes.

If you or someone you know has found yourself in the situation with an unwell child and are not sure where to turn for help, Telehealth could be the answer.

By utilising Telehealth services, you can speak with an experienced GP, no matter where you are in Australia, on the same day that you need them, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Private Medical offers video consultations, meaning that the doctor can visually assess your child and their symptoms. If your child is under 12 months of age or under COVID isolation rules, you will also be able to get a Medicare rebate from your consultation.

Private Medical provides thorough 15-minute consultations as standard, with the option for longer 30-minute consultations for complex conditions. We are open 12 hours a day, 7 days per week.

If you would like to learn more about Private Medical, or book an appointment with one of our doctors, head to our website at, or phone our friendly team on our national phone line between 8am – 8pm AEST, 7 days per week, on 135 001.


Doctors plead for help as respiratory infections rise in Australia, putting young children at risk

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